I started practicing yoga 20 years ago, shortly after the birth of my first son. I trained as a ballet dancer in my youth and the focus on flexibility and alignment in yoga appealed to me. I quickly discovered that yoga helped to ease chronic back pain from scoliosis. As my husband and I moved around the country and welcomed three more children into our family, my practice ebbed and flowed, but I always came back to it to relieve my physical pain.


While I loved being a mother, the pressures of parenting four children,  led to chronic stress and fatigue. My doctors kept telling me to stress less, as it was taking a serious toll on my body, but no one told me how.


Eight years ago, I decided to train as a yoga teacher. It was then that I discovered yoga was about so much more than a physical practice. Training to be a mind-body practitioner forced me to face my own deeply rooted sense of inadequacy, recognize my perfectionistic tendencies and start to understand how my thoughts were driving a life-long cycle of anxiety and depression. My 200 hour yoga training opened my eyes to these personal issues and taught me how to lead a yoga class, but it didn’t give me all the tools I needed to resolve my own, or anyone else’s physical and emotional needs.


I decided to return to school to complete a degree in Integrated Health and Wellness. My studies focused on stress management, anatomy, psychology and the scientific evidence for mindfulness, meditation and yoga. As I started to utilize the skills I was learning, I found I was better able to manage my thoughts and emotions. I started to take more responsibility for my physical health and my emotional well-being. All of this led to a desire to share these gifts with others.


In February 2018 I started my yoga therapy certification at InBody Yoga Academy. This arduous training involves over 800 hours of class time and 200 hours of client work. The training covers anatomy, psychology, philosophy, breath work, alignment modifications, meditation, mindfulness, and much more. It has been such a joy to be able to bring these tools into my classes and private sessions. I can see how my own life is changing and how I am able to empower others in their journey towards holistic wellness.


I love what I do! It has been so rewarding to see people reduce chronic pain, release negative emotions and find greater balance in their lives. I would love to share those gifts with you! Contact me today to see how yoga and mindfulness can change your life, just like they changed mine.

Lisa Goff, IAYT