From My Clients 

Yoga is something I have wanted to do for a very long time, but have been nervous about trying for various reasons. I have really enjoyed the classes I have come to. I have been able to focus on myself and what really matters and let everything else go. At the end of our last class I had an overwhelming feeling of peace come over me, I had to hold back tears. I never thought yoga could do something like that. Thank you so much! "

Chad Hall

"Lisa is not an instructor.. she is almost like a guru and yes I know the significance of that word, given I am from India. She enables and empowers you through her experience and gentle teaching methodology, so much so that, even when you are doing a downward dog, looking more like a very contorted cat, you feel you are a Yogini with a spirit .. a free beautiful spirit. I think it is because she engages everyone in the room in a journey.. no matter where are on our own.. for an hour, we are all one, aspiring for things we want, on and off the mat. She makes it safe. She makes it spiritual".

Pritha  Lal

"Lisa's classes are the best. She connects with the class in a way that brings you into well being. She inspired me to grow my yogini side and expand my experience to a new, fun level. Inversions, endurance and stretching have improved my mobility and balance and given me new strength and determination to stay active and include yoga in my life plan!”

Lisa Brown

"I love her classes. What I've learned has been remarkable. My balance, strength and posture has improved.”

Linda Rae

"Lisa's yoga practice has never depended on her location. Wherever she is, Lisa always takes the opportunity to practice and help others learn and receive the benefits of yoga. She is especially good at helping me visualize and be mindful of what my body needs."

Stacey Bailey

"Lisa has been a very important part of my Yoga practice. She is an outstanding instructor and a very kind person. She took the time to encourage and guide me to advance in my daily practice. She made Yoga fun and easy."

Dr. Alberto Brizolara

"I have know Lisa for four years. She is conscientious and diligent in her focus to bring her best self and yoga technologies into her course. Lisa's course is a joyous experience for body and mind.”

Rosalynn Narcowich