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Lisa Goff

Yoga Therapist

Transforming Lives Through the Wisdom of the Body

Are you tired, stressed, and way too busy? Do you struggle with chronic pain, anxiety or depression? Have you considered yoga, but worried you aren't flexible enough or that you don't have the "right" body type? I understand. I've been there. 

Yoga changed my life. Are you ready for it to change yours? Would you like to manage chronic pain, have more energy, feel a greater sense of purpose, have deeper connections with your loved ones and greater peace in your life? Yoga is about so much more than working out or being flexible. It's about living life to the fullest and finding peace in the present moment. Let me help you find that peace and joy in your life today!



Let me help you create a mind-body experience that will bring greater strength, peace and focus to your life. Contact me today to find a unique solution for your wellness  needs.


My studio is in Springville, Utah, in Utah Valley, conveniently located near Provo, Spanish Fork, Mapleton, Salem, and Payson.



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Individualized Experience


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